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How Taxpros+ helps Busy Mom-preneur & Owner of Rocket Fizz and Lil Z’s Stay in Balance

Evet Sahakian, entrepreneur and owner of Rocket Fizz and Lil Z’s on Del Mar shares her experience using our business services for both of her businesses. Having assisted Evet with PPP loan applications and forgiveness filings, bookkeeping and payroll, we even provided much needed local referrals to opening the new store.

Interview by Dan Schonberg in August 2021

Dan: Tell me Evet, how did you find out about TaxPros+. Evet: We moved here from the bay area about a year and half ago where we used a local company in San Francisco, as many prefer to do. Upon moving here, we saw TaxPros+ initially driving by on El Camino Real. We wanted to stay loyal to our existing resource, but having a local company offers many more benefits. So, one day my husband, Niko, and I popped into their office to check them out. It was full of warm smiles and friendly banter with popcorn and coffee flowing.

Dan: What did you and Nico discuss after this introduction Evet: We felt at home, not intimidated, and even respected. The fact that Jerry is an in-

house notary and Jerry and Stephanie are both certified as Quickbooks Pro Advisors, reassured us that we have a more than capable team to handle whatever we throw at them. Running two retail businesses downtown, that can be a lot.

Dan: At your first appointment, who did you meet first and what was that like? Evet: We sat down with Vicky, Jerry and Jean the first official appointment. Niko commented that he enjoyed feeling the fun small beach town vibe. The tax company we used in San Francisco was local but they were still large comparatively speaking. Giving us the rundown of what we need to gather to best begin, we left confident TaxPros+ was who we can trust for our bookkeeping.

Dan: What was the second meeting like?

Evet: Prior to our second sit down with Jerry we sent over our prior information, connected the necessary accounts, past returns etc. This second sit down was only about thirty minutes, in which we answered any open questions and confirmed the rest. Since we were working together on the entity set-up for Lil Z’s, without asking, Taxpros+ connected us with preferred local vendors, many of whom we still use.

Dan: What followed this meeting?

Evet: We began receiving monthly reports which were in more detail than what we were used to from even the large firm we used in San Francisco and that surprised us. This data proved to be essential to keep our s

tores profitable.

Dan: Does TaxPros+ do your businesses’ payroll as well?

Evet: Yes they do, and with the changing tide of this year’s labor pool, I can’t tell you how much time that saved us. We actually did not use our old firm for payroll and had no idea how much time we were wasting (and money we were losing) by doing it ourselves.

Dan: How about your family’s business and personal taxes?

Evet: Yes, TaxPros+ seamlessly took care of preparing and filing our business and personal taxes while enlightening us to some better practices we can do to save more. We have implemented those to much success.

Dan: How did TaxPros+ compare with cost of services?

Evet: Not surprisingly we did pay significantly less than the firm in the bay area but also received much better service. That’s the value of TaxPros+. They take the time to listen, reply, simply take care of it for me, or explain it to me if that’s what is needed.

Dan: So they save you money?

Evet: Without a doubt. Between the personal and business accounting best practices, we saved significantly from what we were payin

g in taxes previously by switching to TaxPros+.

Dan: Do you have to go to their office for this bookkeeping and accounting?

Evet: I can, and often do, call, email, zoom, even fax. Being that they are just down the block, I personally enjoy stopping by in person (maybe for the popcorn, maybe not).

Dan: Would you care to share anything else about TaxPros+’ Bookkeeping for Business service?

Evet: Always having time to listen or meet, be it for sales tax payments, payroll questions or workman’s comp audits, when I succeed, they are happy. Like the campaign says, I have better things to do and now with TaxPros+ doing my bookkeeping and payroll, I can go home on time. With the overall family feel of their office, I couldn’t imagine having my businesses’ accounting done by anyone else. When I call, and I often do, I'm usually taken care of right away, the response time is fantastic.

Dan: I understand you are generous in your support of local downtown businesses and the San Clemente Downtown Business Association (SCDBA). Taxpros+ thanks you for this interview and looks forward to serving your businesses as you continue to thrive. Evet: You are welcome and thank you as well.

Rocket Fizz, San Clemente

107 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, CA 92672 (949) 388-3522 Visit them on Facebook or on Instagram

Lil Z’s: Downtown San Clemente on Del Mar 204 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, CA 92672 Visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

With TaxPros+ as your own accounting department, you stand to actually save money.

Let’s talk or learn more by visiting

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