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  • Jim Hamilton

Historical Society Spotlight on: Vicky Wilson, TaxPros+

San Clemente Historical Society Board Member Jim Hamilton continues his in-depth study of the downtown businesses and the people who make our historic downtown so interesting.

Vicky Wilson is quite accomplished. This year she was recognized as the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year for 2020. Vicky is the president of TaxPros+ located at 439 North El Camino Real, Suite B. This is a tax and accounting firm that serves our local community. She is also a leader with the San Clemente Downtown Business Association and an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce. 

She continues with an interest in business that started at a young age working in her families’ small businesses. Vicky built a “from the ground up” tortilla chip company that centered in the Santa Barbara area. She saw an opportunity to introduce a new concept product in the snack aisle and made her contribution with a healthy approach. Vicky ran this business until it was bought by a much larger company.

Vicky states, “It is very humbling for me to be recognized in this way. It is not my intent to be so noticed but I love participating in areas where I can make a difference, meet new people, and provide help. Ms. Wilson is a boots-on- the-ground with a ‘Let’s look at the view from 30,000 feet’ type of person. Let us look at the full view, the bigger picture to solve issues and then work the steps.” Vicky seeks a globally inclusive approach to problem solving and has used this idea throughout the Covid crisis to form a collaborative group of business leaders and members across all sectors to brainstorm, implement ideas and share information.

“One thing that motivates me to get involved is seeing the community as someone new to the area.  Being new can be intimidating. And starting a business is hard! The vision is big, but you may not be connected or know where to start. I love to learn how people got started, what brings them here and now. And I love meeting people in whatever part of the journey they are in and being a connector for what they need. This is what you need to encounter when new to the area or new to an idea of starting something of your own.” This statement reveals Vicky's empathy for others. She wants people to have their own version of success. A team or community builder without the usual ego of a community leader.

Continuing this theme, “It is important to me to reach out to new faces. For example, when attending events such as mixers, luncheons or business forums, I seek out the new people and make them feel welcome, engage them, and get them to feel a part of the group. Part of this is because when I relocated here, it was intimidating. I didn’t know anyone, and it felt scary to approach groups of others already engaged in conversation. I am actually a fairly insular, introverted person but that does not mean I don’t have an interest in people and their businesses and activities.  It is just a bit of a personal obstacle to overcome. I felt that way when I opened our business here, so I always want to make new folks feel welcome.” 

“It is a team effort to run Taxpros+. I am the face of the business, handling our branding and communication and managing the craziness during tax season and beyond. My business partners Brenda, Jerry and our terrific team members Jean, Stephanie and Cindy do the taxes and the accounting. I help keep the whole team going. My perspective and interests have developed in new directions in the past few years.  I have more mindfulness and a genuine interest in others and their lives. Not in a gossipy sort of way but in a genuine helpful way. Prior to opening Taxpros+, I ran my own residential real estate appraisal firm for 20 years. It was a very numbers heavy business and I wanted to be done with producing the work product of a business. I feel I must do something that engages my creative side and connects me with people. Therefore, others work with the numbers and I work more with people in our community. I help and coach others and others help and coach me. I do like to encourage, and if needed, guide others to take the steps to achieve what they want.”

“Growing up with a family business, I’ve continued to work for myself almost my entire adult life, first in the food business, then as an appraiser and now with a tax and accounting business. I love that our team’s dedication to help others serves the personal and business tax needs of the San Clemente Community.” 

Vicky contributes to our community through her personal and professional contributions. She is pleasant to talk with and very engaging with people.  One of the people that provide San Clemente with its small town, we care, and are enthusiastic participants in the variety of aspects to our community.


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