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Located in downtown San Clemente, Taxpros+ is your local, friendly and helpful 'go to' spot for personal and business tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping and business coaching. Here you'll find a warm welcome with an open and approachable tax team! We know everyone has different needs when it comes to taxes and finances and our broad range of skills and experience can help you with everything from basic tax information, navigating tax troubles and growing your business. It's simple...we're working for you!





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We deliver professional service with a smile.

Sharing ideas with small business owners is one of my great joys! Being an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, and a Board Member of the Downtown Business Association, I have found that people venture into business for different reasons but don’t always know what to do when they feel adrift. This is where I love meeting people, right in whatever part of the journey they are on. Some of my working journeys have included Wholesale, Retail, Outside Sales, Product Development and Distribution (throughout the United States and parts of Canada) as well as working a few years in the Public Relations Dept. at the OC Fair. The variety of experience, lessons and knowledge which I have gathered over the years is what shapes my ability to offer creative, thoughtful and authentic guidance to those desiring to take an honest assessment of where they are and where they want to be. 

There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping people grow to achieve their dreams. My goal is to create long standing relationships that are based on the highest levels of professionalism, good old fashion hard work and exceptional customer service.
Education and sports have been a big part of my life. Being a teacher, coach and administrator has taught me invaluable lessons such as active listening, clear communication and creative problem solving. 
I have applied these lessons along with my passion to help at TaxPros+ where I share my expertise in small business, real estate and rental properties. It is important to make sure my customers are not only well informed but understand their tax situation in order to make the best financial decisions to support their goals.

What can I say, I love numbers! There is just something about them I find fascinating. For many years, as I travelled the world, first as a retail buyer and then in sales and importing of consumer goods, I got used to working with really big figures. These experiences helped form my knowledge of business and entity structure. I had to keep great records and became adept at bookkeeping and corporate tax returns. Growing up the son of a banker, I guess it was inevitable that I would end up in a business using my attraction with numbers and taxes to help people with theirs. There are always changes to the tax laws, especially with the massive changes this year and I enjoy helping people understand (and improve) their individual situations. I still enjoy travelling (after tax season, of course) but it’s much more fun to lay on the beach in Mexico than walk through the factories in Asia.





Frequently Asked


How much do you charge?

We aren’t sky high like some firms nor are we dirt cheap. We tend to land somewhere in between. Tax preparation is not just entering numbers in boxes. We know the right questions to ask to help maximize your refund or minimize what you owe.  We explain to you, in plain English, what goes into your tax filing and educate you on changes to watch out for. The price you pay for preparation and filing of your return is just the beginning of the value we provide. We are open year-round to help you with tax planning or as questions or situations arise. We want you to think of us as part of your financial power team, helping you get where you want to go, successfully. 

What are the biggest changes to the new tax laws?

With the first major overhaul to the tax code in 30 years there are winners and losers. The IRS has changed and ‘simplified’ the 1040 form itself, but, to do so, added six new underlying forms. Oh Brother! 
The Good News: The Standard deduction has “doubled” (close to double, but not quite.) However, there is no longer a personal exemption.  The Child Tax Credit is doubled. And small businesses may qualify for up to a 20% deduction of taxable income. 

The Bad News: And it’s a biggie for a lot of people; State and Local tax deductions are limited to $10,000 if you are itemizing your deductions. This means of all the State and Local taxes you pay, you can only deduct up to $10,000 combined (this includes property taxes, state taxes withheld from your paycheck, estimated tax payments and vehicle registration) Ouch!
You can no longer claim (deduct) moving expenses or unreimbursed employee expenses (money you spend for tools and such to do your job and don’t get reimbursed by your employer). In fact, if your company pays for your move, you must declare it as income. Double Ouch!
Getting a divorce? Beginning in 2019, if you finalize a divorce where alimony is involved, then alimony payments are no longer deductible for the payor and alimony received is no longer taxable income to the payee. If you are going to be the payor, it would benefit you to finalize before December 31, 2018. 

Can you help me with a letter I got from the IRS?

Yes! Even if it is a result of taxes you filed yourself or somewhere else.

Can you help me file several years’ worth of taxes? 

Absolutely! We get this question a lot so don’t think you are alone. If you have missing documents, we can help you get transcripts from the IRS and take it one step at a time. 

How will the new tax laws impact me?

As you can see there are a lot of changes. Schedule your consultation before the end of the year to learn about any adjustments you can make before tax time next year. 

Is Social Security income taxable? 

It depends. Actually, this is the answer to many tax questions. Depending on how much other income you have, up to 85% of your Social Security can be taxable income.

Is unemployment income taxable?

Yes... It is just like earning wages. Worker’s Comp. is not normally considered taxable. However, there are some employer provided insurance programs that may be considered taxable income.

Will the IRS ever call me?

First contact from the IRS should always be a letter sent via regular mail. Technically, they will call you if you have asked them to in response to a such a letter. No doubt you may have received one or more (many more in some cases) of those crazy calls saying they are coming to arrest you or our favorite, “a serious matter has been pressed upon your name.” HANG UP! Beginning 2018, the IRS did authorize certain collection agencies to call on their behalf. The names of those specific agencies may be found at www.irs.gov

Can I deduct my horse?

Okay, this isn’t really a FAQ, but the answer is yes, only under certain circumstances. And yes, we have done it!

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