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Brenda - TaxPros+

Having earned an Enrolled Agent certificate from the IRS, allows me to expand the ways in which I can help our clients. Creating long lasting relationships that are based on the highest levels of professionalism, good old fashion hard work and exceptional customer service are my cornerstones.Education and sports have been a big part of my life. As a teacher, coach and administrator I developed valuable skills such as active listening, clear communication and creative problem solving. My areas of expertise include small business, real estate and rental properties. It is important to make sure my customers are not only well informed but understand their tax situation in order to make the best financial decisions to support their goals.

Jerry - TaxPros+

What can I say, I love numbers! There is just something about them I find fascinating. For many years, as I travelled the world, first as a retail buyer and then in sales and importing of consumer goods, I got used to working with really big figures. These experiences helped form my knowledge of business and entity structure. I had to keep great records and became adept at bookkeeping and corporate tax returns. Growing up the son of a banker, I guess it was inevitable that I would end up in a business using my attraction with numbers and taxes to help people with theirs. There are always changes to the tax laws and I enjoy helping people understand (and improve) their individual situations. I still enjoy travelling (after tax season, of course) but it’s much more fun to lay on the beach in Mexico than walk through the factories in Asia.

Vicky - TaxPros+

Sharing ideas with small business owners is one of my great joys! In representing taxpros+, I get to do just that! We are very active members of the business community where I have the privilege of being an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chair & Treasurer of the Downtown Business Association. As partner & manager, I stay focused on customer service and communication while providing support for the rest of the team. I am grateful to our clients and the community for embracing our business and referring their peeps! Thanks for keeping it local! Shop Local - Support Local! 


Jean - TaxPros+

I love being part of the taxpros+ team! Born and raised in San Clemente, I am more than happy to help others succeed in this amazing city. My accounting degree from California State University San Marcos and now having become a CRTP, allows me to help clients with their income taxes and their bookkeeping. I enjoy being organized and learning new things every day, which is definitely needed in the tax and bookkeeping world. On my time off, I love playing and watching soccer! Se Habla Español